Well, That Was Quick: New Record Hermès Birkin Auction Rings Up at Over $300k

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If it seems like it was very recently that we brought you news of a brand new world record Hermès Birkin sale, that’s because it was. In April, Privé Porter sold a Birkin in braise red crocodile for $298,000 to a collector in California, but now, according to CNN, that figure has been eclipsed by a Birkin sold by Christie’s in Hong Kong for just over $300,000.

The Birkin, seen above, is a 30cm in Himalayan Niloticus crocodile, finished with diamond-encrusted 18k gold hardware. The final auction price was $300,168, and a representative for Christie’s described the anonymous buyer as a “private Asian collector.” The bag will undoubtedly be the jewel of his or her collection.

In a market where it’s increasingly simple for shoppers across the globe to get their hands on exactly the bag they want at any time, competition for the rarest Birkins among the world’s wealthy elite has escalated quickly. It wasn’t long ago that it was rare to hear that a bag sold for six figures at all, and now Birkins priced above $100,000 pop up for purchase at a click of the button at Moda Operandi from time to time. Now that auction prices have hit the mid-six figures, it’s anyone’s guess as to where the bags’ final values may eventually level out, and if the speed of the auction prices’ increase is any indication, we may not find out for years.

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Hermes Gives Money Back!

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Let’s face it when –when it comes to shopping, a deal is a deal! And when we find one, it’s only fair we share the news with our friends!

This past week, we announced that Hermes reduced prices on some accessories in the US in order to keep pace with the devaluing Euro. This decrease comes months after Chanel realigned their prices, and as we’ve seen the price shifts have definitely impacted the shopping experience.

I am going to walk you through my personal experience with the new Hermes prices in real life. Follow my story below to get a feel for how prices factor into the shopping game.

Discovering the News

Our greater @PurseBop family, (meaning all of YOU) are an invaluable news source for me! I first caught wind that Hermes was actually adjusting prices  from your IG comments and direct messages. A few comments mentioned that Hermes was honoring price adjustments for previously purchased accessories within a certain time frame. I had recently purchased a Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet in Craie with RGHW, so these comments instantly caught my attention!

The Investigation

I immediately called my SA for details. We chatted briefly about price differences for some accessories, and I was still so surprised that Hermes made the move. He in fact confirmed that I was eligible to receive a reimbursement/credit for the price difference, and I happily skipped into the store to receive it.

Items purchased in the month of June – whose prices were adjusted are eligible for a credit. You do not need to take the actual items to the store, simply the receipt.  And if not able to visit a store, I understand a call to your SA will suffice.

hermes cdc craie

More Money, More Accessories

As most of us can attest, simply being in the Hermes store is one huge temptation. I was casually browsing accessories when I came in, but the $125 gain created an incentive to look a little harder. With the extra backing in my pocket and my accessory lust, adding  new items to my collection seemed much more lucrative now.


Introducing my new Rodeo Charm in Lagon Blue:


The Advantages

While some of the Hermes prices shifted anywhere from $20 to around $150 less, any bit of savings can make a substantial difference especially since the new US prices are more in line with current European prices. Hermes items in the US are priced a little higher than items in Europe since Hermes originated as a French brand. Lower prices in Europe sway some to travel and shop in Europe. However, with lower prices in regions outside Europe, such as the US, can increase and incentivize foreign sales. After Chanel’s price changes, Hermes specifically stated they had no intention to follow Chanel’s lead and increase prices in order to maintain domestic loyalty. In fact they have done just the opposite- they have aligned foreign prices to match their home base, and improved brand loyalty on an international scale!

CDC bracelet comparison

For me, I was happy to save even $125 on my CDC. Hermes items are still a higher end investment, but the reduced price made me feel even better about my purchase and encouraged me to explore more accessories! Although no prices were decreased for bags, more changes could happen in the future.


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You’ve heard my personal case study, now I’d love to hear your experiences on any Hermes prices or adjustments! Click HERE to share your thoughts on the BopTalk thread. This will serve as fantastic resource with fellow Hermes lovers.

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Hermès: Bastia, Calvi, Dogon, Envelope & Mini Convoyeur

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hermes_bastia-dogon-envelope-mini-convoyeurBecause there’s more (and I mean much, much more) to the world of Hermès SLGs besides the Bearn, Kelly and the Silk’In, I thought it would be apt to do a post to highlight a few of my favourites. Besides being a lot more common (and thus easier to find than the 3 I already mentioned), they are also a tad more affordable, even though that’s relative as well since nothing from Hermès is technically cheap to begin with.

But before I lull you to sleep with any more musings, here are the pieces worth a second look the next time you are at the boutique. From the niffy Bastia which is great for loose change to the Envelope that’s super when it comes to cards and receipts (it does come in more than 1 size, so ask to see more before you commit), the Calvi (not featured above) is also great contender if you like your bits and bobs more secure with the help of its snap button closure.

And then there’s the Dogon (still my personal all-time favourite) which comes in a plethora of sizes, from the tiny compact to the largest of the lot that’s more a travel wallet with its own removable zip pouch. Last but by no means least, the newest addition to the family, the Mini Convoyeur that’s more a tiny handbag than wallet, what with its leather sling which would allow you to wear it across the body.

Another reason why we love Hermès SLGs so? All the gorgeous colours they come in, of course, which changes from season to season. From Aztec Blue and Galician Blue toFire and Mint Green, there’s never a dull moment as far as these babies are concerned. So, what’s your favourite?

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Blue 35cm Hermes Kelly Replica Handbag Review

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Lets’ try something different today; what do you say about an electric blue bag? Spring is coming and I feel the need of color. The Hermes Kelly bag is a ravishing purse that’s worth all the money and all our attention. And I think that it is the perfect choice for me to feel in my spring color needs.

Blue 35cm Hermes Kelly

I have not bought the Hermes Kelly 35 cm replica bag for me, I bought it for one of my friends as a surprise gift but by the time her birthday came I have noticed that she already received one from her boyfriend. I was upset then but I managed to find another beautiful present for her so things went back to normal. Fortunately for me I ended up with this beautiful blue Hermes Kelly bag I am going to review today.

When I say it is blue, I really mean blue. I don’t think I have ever seen in my life such a bright and beautiful blue color. The Hermes Kelly 35 cm in Blue replica bag has a very nice structure, the leather is firm and the bag can perfectly stand on its own. In the same time it is smooth and soft and it feels really nice touching it. Exactly like on the original Hermes Kelly bag, the hardware is yellow gold. It shines very nice and it does not have any imperfections. The stitching pattern is good. The spaces between the stitches are even and there are no imperfections there. But even if there were, it shouldn’t be considered a very big problem as all the Hermes bags are hand sewn so they shouldn’t look like they machine type ones.

The lock and the key look really nice, they make the bag look really safe, but it not. These accessories are just for show, they just look nice, the bag can be opened very easy by simply sticking in a safety pin. You don’t even have to twist, you can just push the safety pin inside and it pops. The engravings are good, they are clean and visible and also present in all the correct places. I like very much how the zippers work, they run smooth with no catching. At the end of the zippers there is the correct “H” ending them, exactly like on the original Hermes Kelly. The handle is short and sturdy and the leather has the same color like the bag. It also has a long strap that can make the bag more comfortable but I think it looks much better without it attached. The inside of theHermes Kelly 35 cm in Blue replica bag is made from a different type of leather, it is still blue but it is soft and it doesn’t look very good. It looks quite cheap and unfinished. The good thing is that nobody but me is able to see it. It has a pocket inside and one zipper that don’t look as good as the ones on the exterior.

I like the Hermes Kelly 35 cm in Blue replica bag very much even if it is not 1:1 to the original. Overall it is a good quality bag that has a great color and very nice exterior aspect. If you have more questions regarding it please don’t hesitate to ask me.

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Hermès Birkin Himalayan crocodile bag review


Today we are going to speak about an outrageous priced handbag, one that costs more than some people spend to buy a new house. This purse is called Hermès Birkin Himalayan crocodile and its price tags says $300,000. We are accustomed with Hermes’ staggering prices and the incredibly long waiting list for buying one of their Birkin bags, but this is just insane. No doubt about it, it is the most expensive Hermes purse so far.

hermes birkin himalayan

I have to admit that the handbag is stunning and that it has a couple of very important qualities that kind of justify why someone who is rich would spend that much on a bag. The Himalayan crocodile purse measures 30 cm and it is one of the rarest models on the globe. The product is hand made from Nilo crocodile skin in a discrete color that is reminiscent for the imposing  Himalayan mountains. This shade is obtained through a special dyeing process that takes a lot of work and time. To match the subtle color of the leather, the bag comes with 18 karat white gold hardware decorated with white diamonds. The iconic cadena lock of the Birkin is manufactured from 68 grams of 18 k white gold and studded with 40 white round diamonds. The overall purse has over 200 diamonds on its three different structural elements- the Plaques de Sanglons, the Pontets and the Touret.

hermes birking hamalayan bag

The Hemes Birkin Himalayan crocodile bag was created in a limited number and was offered to a very short list of VIP clients. This very significant detail increased the purse’s value on the resell market so currently to acquire this model that is no longer in production thus not available for purchase you need to pay over $432,000. Hermes is the only handbag manufacturer that can sell on the secondary market at a higher price than its retail price.

People describe this jaw-dropping Hermes as one of the rarest and most desirable handbag in the world. And making one involves extensive work. It took a Hermes artisan about an year to craft the purse and the brand guarantees its sturdiness by vowing to repair it any scratches or damages immediately.  Considering the scandalous price I seriously doubt that anyone would ever wear or handle the bag without extreme care. I, for one, would keep it on a pedestal if I had one.

kim kardashian hermes birkin himalayan bag

Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Tamara Ecclestone and Marjorie Harvey are just a few of the celebrities that own this much-sought after purse. A couple of very interesting thing about Victorian Beckham and Kim Kardashian who are huge fans of Hermes Birkin bags. Victoria Beckham has a collection of Hermes purses that is estimated at over 2 million dollars while Kim Kardashian has so many Birkin that she uses one for the gym and has another one that has been hand painted by her daughter to look more interesting. For those who are not familiar with the price range for a regular Birkin, the most ‘inexpensive’ version costs about $10,000.

So there you go gals, if you needed something to treat your eyes with then you have certainly found it. The Hermes Birking Himalayan crocodile purse is a spectacular model that is manufactured from rare crocodile skin and is decorated with 18 k white gold and white diamonds. It is a luxurious bag that is available only for Hermes’ elite.

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Hermes Fall 2016 RTW Looks Focus on Stylish Warmth


While many of the designers have been including spaghetti straps and open chests showing off lots of legs and even cutout out sides and backs, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski’s Hermes fall 2016 ready-to-wear line has been focused on swaddling up in the least bulky manner possible, but still going for the larger sized tops and skirts. Even the boots, though fitted to the legs, are not fitted enough to say they are molded to the limbs, such as they would be if they were in velvet or otherwise. Shoes with socks also appear, which change the manner by which the footwear appears, now seeming as if the ladies are wearing boots that have an interesting style to them. The pumps come in butterscotch, grey, gold and black, while the boots are cream, black, white and camel hued.

Hermes Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 RTW - Paris Fashion Week

Even the clothing starts off in some deep golden colors, appearing on coats, culottes, midi hem dresses, pleated skirts, baggy tops and different accessories. We notice the use of bone white coloring with a slight grey tinge, appearing on some really pretty looks, such as the matching turtleneck and maxi skirt combination, accented at the waist with a thin black belt, the creamy hued pantsuit with the pale bronze sweater underneath the long blazer and high-waist loose-leg trousers, worn with hair left loose and white boots to complete the look.

The Hermes essence is that of chic comfort in warm style and that is what each and every jacket, coat, blazer, sweater, boots, trousers and everything else in between strives to create. It is the fall and winter, which means the colors are matching, appearing initially in burnt gold, then in bone white, appealing to us with some creamier hues, a bit of taupe and then some black, before we get a glimpse of maps on the dresses with black backgrounds, the pieces appearing as windows to the souls and secrets of the earth below us. We see some truly delectable dark cherry looks in a maroon hue, appearing on multiple pieces, from skirts to dresses, jackets to form fitting long sleeve tops.

We notice the dark olive that peeks through in between, while combinations of black and white could not be put aside. Oh but the best certainly has to be the gold and garnet silken designs, a fitted sweater tucked into a high-waist skirt with flowing hems and a golden pair of pumps underneath to complete an ensemble that could easily sway any man. It could have been a little different in cuts with the same colors, but beggars cannot be choosers, especially not when we have such delicacies splayed before us.

Yes, we are certainly going to be enjoying the beauty of the Hermes looks over the fall and winter, while the biggest investment will be in those darling blue socks to wear with the golden and black heels. Long sleeves, long skirts and silky overtones mean that we shall be enjoying the loveliness of being covered up now more than ever, stylishly warm in our gorgeous outfits.

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