6 Cute New Mansur Gavriel Summer Bags

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mansur gavriel

6 New Summer Mansur Gavriel Bags

Mansur Gavriel is a newer brand that I recently came across with its high quality, Italian made products with great attention to material, colour and detail. I’ve noticed how intense their designs are and how each of their bags and shoes come in an array of colours so you don’t have to choose from only a few each season. Mansur Gavriel is designed in New York City and produced in Italy, after being founded by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel in 2012, so it is only just a couple of years old.

The brand has quickly shot to fame with their famous Bucket Bag being featured all over social media and on the arms of A list celebrities, but I wanted to showcase some of their best Summer bag designs which I think we all need in our closets! I’ve chosen the colour palette of blush pinks and deep reds as these are the shades which are really going to pop in the coming months. From backpacks to totes and cross body to clutches, there’s 6 Mansur Gavriel bags here that are ideal for every woman! A bucket bag is definitely on my wish list and it’s in this gorgeous Rococo colour along with the Rosa backpack! Which one do you love? Let us here at Fashion Runway Blog know!

Shop the full collection online at NET-A-PORTER | Matches | Barney’s |My Theresa

mansur gavriel mini leather backpack

Mansur Gavriel Mini Leather Backpack in Rosa

mansur gavriel large leather tote

Mansur Gavriel Large Leather Tote in Rococo

mansur gavriel circle leather tote

Mansur Gavriel Circle Leather Tote in Blush

mansur gavriel mini bucket bag

Mansur Gavriel Mini Leather Bucket Bag in Rococo

mansur gavriel leather shoulder bag

Mansur Gavriel Leather Shoulder Bag in Rosa


Mansur Gavriel Suede Clutch in Blush

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Marni Pochette Box Clutch: Hey, Cutie!

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Marni Pochette Box Clutch

Here’s the bottom line: No matter what occurs, this has to be mine. This is the kind of desire at first sight that doesn’t dissipate with time, so I ought to just go for it now before I go crazy with longing. Novelty bags are meant to tug at your heart, and Marni does a damn good job making this little number really pull.

It’s not your typical novelty bag, though; there’s not a bit of wacky lettering, kitschy print, or vivid color to be found. Instead, a clean, classic palette of off-white leather accented with a chestnut-brown strap and golden hardware lets the shape shine. And shine it does. A smooth pochette box meant to dangle flirtatiously from your hand is all I need to be sold. This wristlet is more adorable than kittens and pandas playing together.

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Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 Blue Blooms Collection

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Following the success of Gucci’s first #GGBlooms collection (remember the one that was awash in pastel oranges and pinks?), Alessandro Michele and team are back with another edition for Pre-Fall 2016, also known as the Blue Blooms collection. The same blooms but in varying shades of blue, this is just a sprinkling of what’s available in the full line-up that’s now available at Gucci stores in Singapore.

Encompassing everything from bags (choose from duffles to totes to shoulder slings) to SLGs (small leather goods) that come in every form you’ll ever need, a wallet here, a wristlet clutch there, there is literally something for everyone especially if you’re in the market for something that’s floral, hard-wearing (the print is on the GG Supremecanvas after all, which lasts like, forever and Gucci, because who doesn’t want a piece of this luxury Italian house these days.


Boys, you needn’t feel left out either. Step into any Gucci store and you’ll also find #GGBlooms for guys, but with a slight difference. Whilst the pieces for the ladies come with red detailing (you’ll find red trim, slings and handles on those pieces), the ones for the boys come detailed in a dark blue, you know, because it just looks more, you know, manly that way. From zip pouches to portfolios to wallets, you’ll also find backpacks and vertical totes amongst other offerings.

And whilst I haven’t presented the entire line-up here, rest assured that you’ll find everything you need locally; the collection has been launched in Singapore as I type this. But if anyone needs more information on any particular piece, do leave a comment below, otherwise I’ll be back with some price updates on these pieces here soon so do stay tuned!

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Top 5 Overly Adorable Bags: Getting Too Cutesy

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We love the Anya Hindmarch and Moschino bags with fun characters, and we really love the Fendi monsters, but the line has been crossed. You can only take this cute-bag stuff so far. Pushing the envelope ever so much fills you with feelings of whimsical joy. But watch out: simply disregarding the line and how far you take it will result in some serious eye-rolling. These five bags threaten to roll my eyes right of their sockets:

1. Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Box Embroidered Grosgrain Bag: I can’t tell if I’m pissed because they didn’t pick my kid’s drawing for this or because Domenico and Stefano aren’t exactly all about babies. Looks like this pair have a fair-weather affinity for children.

2. Olympia Le-Tan Dalmatians Embroidered Felt Drum Bag: I love this Disney movie, and who doesn’t love dalmatians? But I wouldn’t want my kids’ faces on my bag, so why would I want this? 

3. MSGM Star & Heart Patchwork Backpack: It takes a lot for a bag to be both cutesy and crass, but this explosion is just that: a lot. Too much color, fringe, and patchwork accents add up to three wrongs that don’t make a right. 

4. MCM The Robot Perspex Shoulder Bag: Dancing the Robot is a questionable choice, and – no surprise – so is carrying one. This bag would look best on a shelf in a sci-fi nerd’s house.

5. Moschino Plush Teddy Bear Backpack: I seriously just bought a kangaroo version of this bag in Australia for my niece. Let’s just pause to let this really sink in. 

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What’s New at Givenchy: Pre-Fall 2016 Bags

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There have been many sneak peeks of the upcoming Fall 2016 collections, and PurseBop plans to report on all the latest and greatest. One of our first Fall designer highlights is Givenchy, and you’ll see why in a bit. To put it simply, the new Givenchy bags and designs are just really cool. Keeping true to their style, many of the bags are edgy and sleek with a little bit of feminine charm.

Most of the bags in this collection are very usable in the this sense that the colors and embellishments are mostly neutral and have just the right amount of hardware accents without being overwhelming. Better yet, Givenchy is introducing a lot of smaller bags like wallet on chains, wristlets, and clutches at more affordable price points. One of the most featured bags of this collection is the Givenchy Horizon. After the runway show, this bag received a lot of hype and PurseBop pegged it as one of the hottest bags of the moment in a recent top 10 list.

Certain styles are available now for pre-order at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


Photo Courtesy: Vogue


Photo Courtesy: Vogue

For all of you Givenchy lovers, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s to come this fall sorted by new bags, new colors, and new patterns!

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YSL Tassel Bag Replica: Common Flaws You Should Avoid

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There are many varieties of the YSL tassel bag replica when it comes to size, color and material. This bag comes in smooth leather, patent leather, suede, python leather, croc leather and also grain de poudre textured leather. But even if there are so many different options for this bag, it’s important to be familiar with the common features all of them have.

I’ve seen many fake YSL bags, from really cheap to really expensive , so I thought I should make a small guide for those of you who want to learn more about this iconic bag.

I’ve already shown you some bad fake YSL bags as to know what to avoid. What I want to point out this time is that an YSL Tassel bag replica doesn’t have to be cheap to be bad. On the contrary, I’ve turned to eBay for some examples and unfortunately I did find them. I really don’t want to scare you girls with these bad examples I find on eBay but you really need to stay safe.

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Sold On eBay

The only good part about these two Yves Saint Laurent replica handbags I’ve found on eBay is that the price is relatively cheap, which should make anyone suspicious.

I will also show you some really cheap YSL tassel bag replica bags for comparison. Given their price, I can’t say I’m disappointed by the way they look. Still, if you come across a similar replica that is more expensive than these, you should keep in mind that it’s not worth it.

Bad Fake YSL Bags

Cheap-Looking Fake YSL Bags

As long as you know the features a designer bag has, you should be safe. But you need to pay extra attention to details. Just because a bag looks really similar to an authentic at first sight, it doesn’t mean it is. Here are some photos of a grey YSL tassel bag replica that costs £220. It’s an expensive replica but you have to admit it looks really good and it’s not easy to tell it’s a fake for the untrained eye:

Fake YSL Tassel Bag Features

Fake YSL Tassel Bag Details

Tassel – goes without saying but this is an essential feature of this bag and a good way to tell if the bag is fake or not. The tassels should be long and thick and gorgeous!

Stamp on the interior of the flap – should say “Saint Laurent Paris”, not “Yves Saint Laurent”.

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Logo Stamp Is Wrong

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Bad Stamp

Lining – never a shiny textile material like this one:

Bad YSL Tassel Bag Replica Lined With The Wrong Material

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Lining Is Wrong

– either smooth leather or suede.

For shoulder bags – check the chain and the hardware engravings: the two rings attaching the chain strap; the metal plaque and the tassel.

Authentic YSL Tassel Bag Logo Engraved

Authentic YSL Tassel Bag Hardware Engravings To Check

There are two types of chains for the YSL Tassel bags. Both are correct but one is for older models and the chunkier one is for newer styles.

The flap – check to see if it’s symmetric and how long it is (should be about an inch higher than the bottom of the bag).

The logo – on the leather tag inside the bag.

Real YSL Logo Stamp

Authentic YSL Inside Tag

The interior – should feature a small open pocket and just one big compartment no matter the size. The Saint Laurent Cassandre Tassel bag should never have a zipper pocket. I notice that many of the bad fake Saint Laurent tassel bags have an interior that is similar to that of the Saint Laurent Chain Wallet. The YSL Chain Wallet has a zipper pocket in the middle and also many small open pockets.

Saint Laurent Tassel Bag Inside View

Also, don’t make decisions like buying expensive designer bags in a hurry, even if the seller pressures you to make a decision. Just think about the fact that an honest seller will be willing to show you all the extra pictures you need to see before you decide to buy it. But be prepared to recognize the possible flaws too because otherwise those pictures will not be helpful at all and you’ll also be more inclined to think the seller is honest just because she/he was willing to send more pictures.

If you check all these features, you will learn not only how to choose good replicas but also how to spot a YSL tassel bag replica. Good luck!

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