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Hey, girls! Today, we’ve cooked-up something you’ll surely love, the Chanel Chevron Quilted Flap Bag! We could only imagine the looks on your faces as you scroll-through and marvel at these beautiful bags. Easily a fan favorite, the Chevron line of flaps are part of the brand’s Cruise 2016 collection. We know you want these babies!

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Today, we’ve come to see a variation of colors and styles to choose from – based on the pictures we have for you today, you can see a navy blue and black one. Both bags are too stunning to ignore, right? The design features a leather and chain strap with a ‘Chanel Paris’ charm on the chain and an elegant ‘CC’ clasp that shines just as beautifully as you do. The leather on these pieces are of high quality, and are sure to last you some years of use (with proper care and storage).

Measuring 4.9” x 9.1” x 2.8” inches, and with a style code of A92087, you can get your very own Chevron Quilted Flap Bag for $2,700 USD, €2,200 EUR, £1,630 GBP, or $3,670 SGD via Chanel boutique.



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The worlds of fashion and technology have never been as close as they are now and the latest brand to go high-tech is the Brit label Burberry. In association with Google, the heritage brand has launched a new Burberry Booth at their Regent Street Store in London where customers can create their own Burberry ad campaigns.
Recently the brand tapped a number of celebrities including Michelle Dockery, Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington Whitely and Romeo Beckham among others to star in video paying tribute to the famous film Billy Elliot on its 15th Anniversary. The video sees famous faces leaping up against a festive green background. At the Burberry booth you can be the star of your own 15 second clip and be a part of the celeb studded line-up thanks to real-time video-stitching technology. The clip is then shared with you and you can share it online on all your favorite social media channels.
If you’re famous and British then odds are Burberry will probably approach you for an official campaign of your own one of these days, on the other hand this might be the closest some of us might ever get to musician James Bay or Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley herself!) so if you need to find us, we’ll be queuing up outside Burberry’s flagship store on Regent Street.

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A Good Time For Resale (Buying)

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Occasionally, when I find myself with some nice chunks of free time (aka commercial breaks of Bravo shows), I like to trawl the various resale sites (Fashionphile, The Real Real and the like) as well as eBay, looking for old season items that got away. Lately, I’ve been noticing a trend – prices seem to be going down, down, down – on everything from bags, to clothes, to other accessories like scarves and jewelry.

While this is good news (unless you’re a designer bag flipper), it’s been very tempting on my wallet. There seem to be quite a few items out there going for less than they would have a year or two ago. Why this is happening, I don’t know why – maybe it’s due to the still weak international economy, currency fluctuations, or some combination of the two. Here’s an example – I remember when this Chanel black metallic flap was so in demand, and here’s one in very nice condition for almost half off.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.13.40 PM


And another example below (of all the resale sites, I’ve been finding that Fashionphile has the best prices generally, along with regular eBay auctions).

Cabat Fashionphile


Agh! An almost new, limited edition Bottega Veneta Cabat bag for $2,700? Amazing. I watched this one for a good few weeks, but then it got sold (of course). So there’s a lesson – there are some great deals out there right now, but you still need to act fast for the steals.

As for me, I’ve largely been good and watching from the sidelines…envious of all the deals that are being had. Well okay, I did just pick up a limited/seasonal Chanel bag that I had been looking for, for probably the last five years (I’ll share when it comes). My advice for if you’re in the market for some second hand/pre loved luxury accessories right now? Try not to get sale goggles…and take advantage of some of the great prices!

Have any of you noticed a trend in prices declining lately? Where are you based? I’d love to hear more details!

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Balenciaga Cabas M and Cabas S Leather-Trimmed Canvas Totes: Label Conscious

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Is Balenciaga attempting to usher in a new era of label-flashing? Looks like they’re at least giving it a go. I have mixed feeling about these new Cabas totes. On the one hand, a simplistic logo set on beige canvas and trimmed with black leather is so modest and pared-down, it’s chic. On the other hand, a simplistic logo on beige canvas reminds me of a perfume-bottle label, a freebie tote, or a shopping bag (or maybe all three).

Then again, the Cabas M, oversized and angular, and the Cabas S , smaller with bolder strips of black accents, both make for decent ways to get your designer fix without breaking the bank. That’s why I’m leaning towards yes, as long as they’re worn in the right context. Made in Italy and inspired by the sea and sailboats, either of these will make for a breezy beach bag, discreet gym tote, or easy-access carryon. Just carry it casually, and keep the rest of your labels on the hush-hush. Cabas M toteicon, $865, and Cabas S tote, $795, both available on NET-A-PORTER.

Pair with: Capture the feel of St. Tropez in the summer with Tomas Maier’s lace-up espadrilles. In all-black, you can wear these from city streets right to the sandy beach.

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Saint Laurent Classic Baby Duffle Bag Comes With a Zip Front for Cruise 2016

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The Saint Laurent Cruise 2016 Collection features a new design for the Classic Baby Duffle Bag. This season, the bag comes with a zip front pocket. Compared to the original design, the old style is seen in a plain front. The new Baby Duffle still has the same features though, such as top zip closure, double handles and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap.

Style, Price & Size




Saint Laurent Classic Baby Duffle Bag with Zip Front $1,490.00 (USD) 8.8″ x 5.8″ 4.3″


Saint Laurent Classic Baby Duffle Bag - Resort 2016

Saint Laurent Classic Baby Duffle Bags - Resort 2016

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The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week: From Italy, with Lust

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The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

Trust the Italians to bring a sense of magic to the runway. While the level of craftsmanship is always elevated, it’s their flair for the nonchalantly fantastical that makes the Milan runways a standout. At Fendiicon, a single clutch pretty much sums up the new season. Karl Lagerfeld, never one to let us know what to expect, planted a striking bird-of-paradise flower in each of the bags – which, happily, put the show’s emphasis on the well-deserving accessories. (And let us know the habit of accessorizing our accessories is only gaining traction.) Styles clean, architectural, and undeniably classic that boast artsy accents, sudden bursts of color, patchwork and ombré effects, and panels of chunky beaded embellishments make for a mood that’s trendsetting with a heavy dose of whimsy, one that will satisfy editors and street bloggers alike.

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

Leave it to Miuccia to go for an utmost juxtaposition. She described Prada’s Fall ’15 collectionicon as “sweet…but violent,” and she played with a candy shop’s palette of pastels, as well as some technical, digital-inspired patterns. It’s the deconstructed bag-within-a-bag that really captured my attention: color pairings like nude with Pepto-Bismal pink and clay blue with olive green ensure you’ll leave the outer portion unzipped to reveal the contrast.

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

It’s a new era at Gucciicon, one now led by Alessandro Michele, and it shows. The revamped Gucci girl is eccentric, eclectic, and unafraid of all things sheer. And unsexy, for that matter! It’s a symbol of her newfound confidence, and so are the bags in her hand: structured and emphatic, they speak of the leather goods of Gucci’s heritage. The canvas, double-G chain-strap bag is back, now with tough hardware, and so is the sense of attitude.

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabbanaicon paid homage to the matriarch of every Italian family, as well as mothers everywhere, with their collection. Not only did it make for a warm and poignant show, it made for some fanciful and elegant bags. Brooch-inspired embellishments might give grandma’s closet a little too much attention, but the miniaturized boxy top-handles, some in lizard, others coated in Art Deco-inspired crystal motifs, are definite winners. Finally, Tomas Maier was craving graphic structure and spotty, mod-derived patterns over at Bottega Venetaicon, which gave way to saturated, colorblocked takes on their heralded bags. Switching their trademark intrecciato over to the lining, for a smooth shell, complete with origami-folded gussets, makes for a cool twist, and so do the front-flap and ombré-effect alligator top handles. The colors may be lighthearted and bright, but the message is serious luxury all the way.

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

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