Burning Man 2015. Photo: Whitney Bauck
This time last year, I covered two of the most memorable events of my life as  With the interval between the two so short that I still had Nevada desert dust coating my shoes when I showed up in Midtown to shoot  it was hard not to compare the two. So I did—and my mental Venn diagramming yielded more similarities between the free-spirited arts festival in the wilderness and the corporation-backed urban fashion extravaganza than I expected.


Burning Man 2015. Photo: Whitney Bauck
For starters, the two events both celebrate unique forms of self-expression by way of clothing. Fashion people might channel a street style star or high-profile fashion editor, while the average Burner's mood board is more likely to include "Mad Max;" but either way, the final result is usually outlandish and often delightful. Of course, extraordinary outfits look best against backdrops that similarly transcend the quotidian, and in this respect BM and NYFW both deliver. Whether in the form of a fire-spouting snake sculpture or an installation of 15,000 flowers, spectacle abounds on the playa and runway alike.


Street Style from NYFW spring 2016. Photo: Imaxtree
This ability to integrate artistry and life is perhaps the greatest strength of both events. An art museum may be beautiful, but it's usually a look-don't-touch environment where an artist delivers their vision without any room for dialogue with the viewer. NYFW and BM, on the other hand, both offer chances to go beyond merely looking. Whether it's an interactive sculpture guests are invited to climb on the playa or a designer coat that can be remixed with Goodwill finds later in the season, both events offer ways for attendees to more fully immerse themselves in the creative work they admire. Besides resulting in a more engaging experience for viewers, this creates a kind of ongoing conversation between creator and viewer rarely possible in a gallery setting. In short, creativity begets creativity


Street Style from NYFW spring 2016. Photo: Imaxtree
Of course, the overlap between the two isn't all rosy. The events share some problems, too. Both have been criticized for inadequate racial diversity, Accessibility is an issue, too. BM's $390 tickets, plus the extensive costs associated with being completely self-sufficient in the desert for a week, are prohibitive to many—and the harsh physical conditions make it particularly difficult for any but the robustly healthy. And while the rise of digital influencers has democratized many aspects of fashion week, the majority of brands (except for a select few who have opened shows to the public) are still invite-only.


Street Style from NYFW spring 2016. Photo: Imaxtree
But perhaps the most interesting part of the BM/NYFW Venn diagram are the parts that look like they should overlap, but don't. Take for example the crazy outfits again: both Burners and NYFW-goers love to dress up, mix DIY and designer duds and laud originality when they see it in others. But the attitude guiding NYC peacocks often functions differently than that of their Black Rock City counterparts.

When I photographed people outside the shows at NYFW, they often posed and then passed along their name and Instagram handle to make sure they got credited. Since a good street style reputation can be a boon to the careers of those who work in the industry, it's hard to blame them. But this contrasted sharply with my experience at BM, where subjects were more likely to be photographed candidly, use "playa names" that kept them anonymous, and rarely even carried their phones. The result is that the elaborate costuming at BM felt like it was more about participating in the creative milieu than about creating a lasting digital impression or trying to move up an industry hierarchy.

Burning Man and New York Fashion Week are always going to be apples and oranges on some level, and that has to temper any comparison of the two. Some of the biggest differences that affect the underlying spirit of the two weeks—like the relentless product-pushing and branding that can feel so aggressive at NYFW, versus the de-commodification efforts and gifting culture at BM—will remain, considering that one exists to sell stuff and the other exists to build art and community.But even so, I'm going to be looking for ways to bring a little more Burning Man to my own experience of fashion week this year. I may not be coming straight from the playa this time around, but I want to remember what I learned in the desert about why we dress up and whose fashion choices we celebrate. After all, what could be better than bringing together the best of two pretty fantastic worlds?

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Fur Bags

Other Brands

Is it possible to ever tire of a good animal print? Looking at the latest crop of wild cat and jungle creature motifs, I have to say no, it’s not possible! In the spectrum of patterns, the animal print is about as neutral and versatile as they come. Which is why a sassy metallic clutch or a spotty paneled tote should be a mainstay in every self-respecting Snob’s wardrobe.
 Time’s Arrow Haircalf Mini Jo Tote: With detail-oriented structure and plenty of great features (the interior has multiple organizational pockets), this tote reads more luxe than the price tag suggests. 
Tory Burch Kira Leopard-Print Calf-Hair and Leather Shoulder Bag:icon Pick up this perfectly sized flap-front shoulder style, and I dare you to not carry it at least a couple times a week. 
 Miu Miu Pony Animal-Print Shoulder Bag:icon I love a pop of unexpected feminine color this time of year, and this pale pink spin has me looking at leopard in a whole new way. 
 Tamara Mellon Dazzle Animal-Print Calf-Hair Clutch:icon Tamara’s relatively new eponymous line shines, thanks to her great sense of style. And this abstracted zebra-stripe clutch, featuring unique hardware as the handle, will shine all through the night. 
Snob Essentials Leopard-Print Tote:icon We designed our own tote to seamlessly take you from to work to play. The smart shape reads business, while the leopard panel makes for a splash of fun. 

Fur bags may not keep us warm like our coats and vests do, but there’s something special about them. Much like pumpkin spice lattes (and pumpkin anything, really), these are luxuries best enjoyed during a certain time of year – and that time is now. It’s one thing to snap a Fendi bug onto your bag on the first day of summer. It would be another to break out a full fur tote. Another tip to keep in mind? One fluffy accessory is chic. Any more than that and you chance looking like Bigfoot!
1. Foley + Corinna Trifecta Backpack with Fur (on Shopbop for $495)
2. Sharon Wauchob Fur Detail Colour Block Toteicon (on Farfetch for $612.66)
3. Saint Laurent Monogramme Fur Shoulder Bagicon (pre-order at Saks Fifth Avenue for $3,590)
4. Tory Burch Tapestry Muff Bagicon (at Saks Fifth Avenue for $795)
5. Shrimps Pablo Faux Fur Clutchicon (exclusively on NET-A-PORTER for $310)
6. Jerome Dreyfuss Fur Charly Small Shoulder Bagicon (at Barneys New York for $1,110)
7. Valentino Glam Lock Mink Fur Shoulder Bagicon (at Neiman Marcus for $5,395)
8. Loeffler Randall Fur & Leather Junior Lock Clutchicon (at Saks Fifth Avenue for $350)
9. Alexander McQueen Folded Fur Clutchicon (on Farfetch for $1,395)
10. 3.1 Phillip Lim Purple Fur Ryder Small Satchel (on Ssense for $1,250)
11. Fendi Be Baguette Calf-Hair and Fox-Fur Bagicon (on for $4,279)

Fur Bags

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This Disney Harry Potter Mashup Costume Idea Is So Cute and Easy!


This is a match made in fandom heaven. What better way to show your love of Disney princesses AND your love of Harry Potter than with a Halloween costume that combines them both? Inspired by the creative artists behind this Disney princess Harry Potter art, we've put together an easy and cute group costume idea that's perfect for you and your best friends: Disney princesses as Hogwarts students.

To start, you'll need a baseline Hogwarts uniform that consists of the following elements:

  • White collared shirt
  • Gray or black sweater
  • Gray or black skirt
  • Gray or black knee socks
  • Wand
  • Striped tie and/or scarf in house colors

Then, you'll need to choose your Hogwarts house for your colors:

  • Gryffindor: red and yellow
  • Ravenclaw: blue and bronze (or gray)
  • Hufflepuff: yellow and black
  • Slytherin: green and silver

And finally, you'll need the props, hair, and makeup that represent the Disney princess, most of which should be items you either already have or can buy at the dollar store. For ideas on how to put the full outfits together, read on!

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Here’s How You Can Fly To Europe



Christmas has come early this year, courtesy of Norwegian Airlines. The company just announced a major airfare sale, with flights to Europe for as low as $139 one way. To take advantage of this sale, you must book by September 5 for travel between now and May 31, 2017. Highlights include flights from New York to Paris for $149 each way, flights from Boston to London for $149 each way and flights from Oakland to Stockholm for $179 each way. As if that’s not enough to motivate you to get out of town, JetBlue is currently offeringdomestic fares for as low as $15 each way. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be busy reimagining our holiday (and weekend, for that matter) travel plans ASAP.

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Stylish Capes from Label 24!



A great cape creates an element of sophistication to any outfit.capes


This season, wrap yourself up in one of these chic capes from Label 24! Pair with plaid trousers, shorts or your favourite dress for an easy daytime ensemble!

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Would you say YES to your happily ever after? Will we ever hear your sweetest I DO to this cute and dainty Kate Spade’s Wedding Belles Cake Clutch? Oh oh, we think we know the answer just by looking at your starry eyed state upon taking a glimpse at this beauty.

This bag is not for the faint of heart since it’s especially made for the kind of girl who’s not afraid to commit. Take it with you during your formal dinner dates and pair it over your girly dresses and you’ll surely shine the brightest.

Made from smooth cow leather with crosshatched leather trim, two of a kind on woven jacquard lining and 14 karat gold plated hardware, this one is a unique addition to your bag collection. Though it may look like a three-tiered wedding cake from the outside, this one is really a clutch with frame closure and snake chain handle.

It measures 5.1′ x 6.6′ x 6.6′ (H x W x D) inches, is priced €448 euro and is available via Kate Spade online boutique.





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