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Just when you think Karl Lagerfeld is going to zig, he zags. The legendary creative director has spent half a decade showing his Chanel collections in ever-more-grandiose stage settings in the Grand Palais, ranging from an arctic tundra complete with trucked-in iceberg chunk to a Chanel-themed supermarket filled with branded items that weren't even part of the collection. For Chanel Fall 2016, though, Lagerfeld took the brand to the opposite extreme.

Chanel's simple, pared-down, front-row-only runway show where people simply sat atop couture era-inspired gold chairs and watched more than 90 looks pass in front of them. Like the show itself, the clothes and bags didn't have any over-arching pop cultural theme to guide their aesthetic details; instead, they appeared to be influenced by the creation of clothing in and of itself, with big leather stitches adorning some bags' gussets and plenty of work-intensive tweeds. The collection's novelty minaudiere, which has become an every-show signature for the brand, also pointed in that direction: it took the form of an oversized spool of thread, complete with a Chanel logo charm hanging from its loose end.

Lagerfeld's intent seemed to be to draw attention back to the clothes and accessories themselves and the immaculate craftsmanship that goes into them, and as he usually does, he succeeded. 


Imagine if you would, a 30 cm ruler, you know, the type we used in school when we were kids. Actually, it was more like the ones our teachers used. On our knuckles. But this post isn’t about that; it’s about the ruler and Chanel’s smallest bags from their new Fall-Winter 2016 collection, which should be in local stores by now.


If you recall, Karl Lagerfeld had some models coming down the runway with tinyBoy Chanel bags attached to their belts, and given the measurements that I’ve got, you could stack 3 of these bags on each other and they wouldn’t even reach the top of the ruler. Yes, that’s how tiny they are. Measuring just 9.5 cm in height by 15 cm across, they could be (but correct me if I’m wrong) Chanel’s smallest Boy Chanelbags ever made, with a depth of just 7 cm.

And because I’m a huge fan of #smallerthansmall, I say yay since it’s exactly the type of thing I would want in my collection, a tiny clutch for a night out, mostly hand-held though you could also wear it across the shoulder via its metal chainlink sling. Priced at SGD5590 and SGD9160 for the two you see above placed top and bottom respectively, I’m guessing the latter’s price could be due in part to the intense braided tweed detailing that’s happening on the front flap.

For those of you who prefer something a little more classic but still fun, there’s the F/W16 Flap Bag that comes with a double peace sign. Also tiny (17 cm across by 10 cm in height), this stunningly red lambskin leather number will set you back by justSGD4450. Last, but by no means least, one of the novelty bags of the season, a ‘sewing box’ resin minaudière that I covered previously here. I didn’t have its retail price then, but for those who are keen, it is priced at SGD15,860.


We know what you think: ‘Chanel just released the Spring Summer 2016 Collection Act 2 and now we’re talking about the Fall Winter 2016 Runway Bag Collection’.

Oh well, more bags more choices right? Let’s highlight the best…



Chanel Wallet On Chain is stunning, but have you ever considered another small bag with chain? Take a closer look at this black clutch bag with interwoven and pearl chain links – a bag with timeless color featuring the tiny CC logo on the front and sling those pearls on your shoulder… it almost sounds like a fairytale.




We just cannot live without boy bags. Chanel reintroduces the Boy Galuchat Flap Bag for the next season. Here’s one in silver hardware and it comes with ruthenium chain strap. It’s literally to-die-for.


Oh my, can you resist this?


A little talk about the upcoming seasonal bag. Here’s one to consider – painted in white and adorned with quilted pattern on the cover except for the flap. The flap is made in soft and smooth leather. Well, it has everything you need to flaunt.




























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Fashion House by Megan Hess


If you're a regular reader of College Fashion, you clearly have an interest in style and fashion. Using fashion to express creativity and show your personality through your clothing can be very satisfying. And there are other ways to show your creativity this way, including interior decorating. For today's inspiration, I've found a book that combines the two.

Fashion House, one of illustrator Megan Hess's many books on fashion and interior design, is a wonderful choice for either a coffee table or for your pile of inspirational books on your desk. I love just flipping through it when I need inspiration either for decorating my apartment, or mixing up my style. 

Hess created a book that is colorful, creative, and elegant, with every page filled with inspiration and gorgeous design for a wonderful journey into home decor.

It's not an instruction manual on buying furnishings or designed to offer tips on decorating for the everywoman, but it is a fun little collection of sumptuous designs and drawings for fashion/decorating lovers. Below are a few outfits inspired by Fashion House:

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Style Icons

style icons

Products: TankSkirtHatEarringsShoes

Some of the illustrations in Fashion House are based on famous fashion icons, including legends like Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel. One of these icons is Audrey Hepburn, who also graces the front cover of the book.

For a look inspired by your favorite style icon, whether it's a designer or a celebrity or what have you, start with a basic t-shirt. I picked one with the lovely Audrey Hepburn. Then add elements based on your style icon. For Hepburn I chose vintage-inspired shoes and an a-line skirt. For a modern twist, I added some statement earrings and a hat for some structure.

Back to Classics

Sleek and Slick

Products: DressBlazerShoesBag

The minimalist look has been in style for more than just a few years. You can see it back in Coco Chanel's iconic designs and in the '90s minimalist revolution. Neutral colors and sharp, structured designs will NEVER go out of style in fashion or in home decor.

Start off with a blazer, preferably in a neutral color so you can pop it on any outfit. A little black dress is iconic and timeless, so you can pair it with a more modern crossbody bag and comfortable and classic loafers for a sleek and stylish look to last for ages.

Pops of Color

Pops of Color

Products: DressNecklaceLipglossBraceletShoes

The phrase "pop of color" is a common one when talking about fashion. A bright pair of shoes or a colorful skirt can transform a look. The same goes for decorating your abode: a statement wall or a colorful couch can make a room.

For a look that is as colorful and classy as the drawings in Hess's book, combine a daisy print blue dress with statement jewelry, like a multi-colored necklace and a druzy bangle. Pink lip gloss brings color to your face and these cute shoes elevate your look to 100.

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Influencers outside DKNY's spring 2016 NYFW show. Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images
Influencers outside DKNY's spring 2016 NYFW show. Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

As summer drew to a close, and the rest of the Americans in America celebrated Labor Day with barbecues, swimming pools and the skirting of responsibilities, the style-concerned were getting their battle plans for fashion week in order. With every passing year, the circus gets wilder, the streets get more crowded and the groans of everybody involved turn into a well-dressed — if not slightly annoying — cacophony.

But you need not be one of the eye-rolling crowd. Instead of rolling your eyes, people should be rolling their eyes at you. That's how you tackle fashion week, people. This is your moment; this is your chance to broadcast your opinions on Twitter, mop up thousands of Instagram followers and Snapchat your way into the future. Allow me to be your guide on this journey. Consider this your Barry's Bootcamp for fashion week, your SoulCycle of style, your ClassPass of catwalks.


By now, becoming a major force in the industry and/or on the Internet is beyond your reach. The power vacuum bag created by social media is all but full and it's nearly impossible to get yourself in there. It is possible, however, to attach yourself to a power player and become his or her best friend for a week. To accomplish this, just go up to them and talk as if you were really good pals last fashion week. For all they know, you were. Nobody remembers. Having an ally that will allow you to squeeze in the fourth row as opposed to the fifth makes all the difference. Make sure they have more followers than you so you can capitalize on all of the mentions. When you exceed them, simply set them on fire.


The mark of somebody who truly belongs at fashion week is the post-designer-bow sprint. The Usain Bolt of this sport is none other than Anna Wintour, she who presides over all things. Watching her step part a crowd is like witnessing Moses's miracle at the Dead Sea. Follow her lead and as soon as those lights dim for good, run.


If you've looked at fashion Internet at all in the past, let's say, 12 months, you've likely seen some kind of musing on "style tribes." These are cool little factions of humans who dress in a similar way. You have to choose one. If you don't, you pretty much die. It's like the Divergent factions — without a cause to serve you become empty, nothing, a reject. Whether you go with the athleisure crowd, the "like a French girl" devotees, or the wild and unpredictable blogger bunch, you must remain loyal. For the rest of your life. When you run into an opposing tribe, you have no choice but to destroy them.


It's early September, and the temperatures are at a chilly 80 degrees, which explains why you'll see pretty much every showgoer with a leather jacket artfully draped over her shoulders. They'll casually whisper "are you guys cold?" to each other while their bodies boil from within. But, as Candy Pratts Price once proclaimed, September is the January of fashion, so you'd better dress like it. If you really want to look like a pro, go with a Canada Goose down puffer. Legendary.


I bet you think this is going to be about weight, but you couldn't be more wrong. In order to successfully accomplish a fashion week, you need the aid of witchcraft. Within the style tribe you have chosen, find three pals to fill out a full coven. Together you will all be able to make it through. To practice your skills I recommend calling the watchtowers of all the hemispheres, honing your glimmers and chanting "light as a feather, stiff as a board" as you slowly levitate. And always remember, we are the weirdos, mister.

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Pull & Bear Fall/Winter 2016-17 Collection Is Made of Stardust


Filled with vintage vibes and urban chic allures, the newest Pull & Bear fall/winter 2016-17 collection (available at has it all, and it is made of stardust! Captured by Fanny Latour-Lambert and poetically entitled ‘Stardust’, this brand new Pull & Bear FW 2016-17 campaign catapults us in a sort of parallel world, wherein the Eighties and the Nineties harmoniously blend in together to create a new kind of fashion with motifs and references that create a new way of conceiving street style.

Pull & Bear Fall/ Winter 2016-17 Collection

Sported by models Allie Barrett, Georgina Lloyd Yorke, Sigrid Vieira, Billy Vandendooren, Benno Bulang and Elliot Vulliod, each one of the proposals the campaign features greatly draws inspiration from all of the fall/winter 2016-2017 fashion trends, the versatility and eclecticism of which will surely help satisfy any taste.

As soon as we browse through the campaign, the Spanish label’s willingness to charm us and conquer our hearts with an incredible amount of different designs and styles appears to be clear, as its pieces include everything from Gucci-inspired geek ensembles to more athleisure-infused kind of essentials.

Alternating motivational quotes such as ‘inspiration is everywhere’ and ‘personality is the brightest star’, Pull & Bear’s fall 2016 campaign quickly introduces us to staples that are meant to be easily mix-and-matched with one another, making us more prone to playing with fashion and clothes rather than just looking for something to wear during the winter’s coldest days.

Pull & Bear Fall/ Winter 2016-17 Collection

To enhance such a statement, Pull & Bear mainly focused on jackets, as we all know they indeed are the icing on the top when it comes to an autumnal outfit. Pull & Bear’s Stardust stimulates our creativity with a plethora of sequined varsity jackets, embroidered military bombers, as well as urban-chic hooded sweatshirts, asking us to dare with fashion and to never be afraid to show off an unconventional outfit.

To help us dare with fashion even more, the brand opted for a dream array of suede, velvet and overall nude-colored pieces to play with, the cropped, relaxed and oversized lines of which will particularly appeal to those who are looking for a lightened up version of Kanye West’s signature street style pieces.

Pull & Bear Fall/ Winter 2016-17 Collection

Although sequined embroideries and athleisure-inspire motifs are at the core of this Pull & Bear FW 2016-17 collection, the line-up’s style manages to trace us back to the Nineties as well, treating us to cozy jumpsuits, denim aplenty, and, of course, lace-up bodycons, the sensual lines of which will surely make those who happened to be pre-teens during the Nineties rejoice.

Needless to say, the collection is incredibly strong on the accessory line too. Chokers, belts,brooches and patches complete each one of the outfits with their urban-chic street style allure, while chunky ankle boots will give us something fancy to walk in from October up until February of the next year.

Pull & Bear Fall/ Winter 2016-17 Collection

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Mulberry Willow Leather Tote And Iconic Bags

Other Brands

Going Back in Time

I may not have been around for the Swinging ‘60s (I’m not that old!), but there’s a lot to love about the generation – Twiggy, white go-go boots, Balenciaga, the Beatles, Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour, and of course, bags! This was the decade when women finally broke out of the tweed jacket/chain bag combo and embraced their personal style. See which iconic pieces they did it with…Mulberry Willow Leather Tote

Mulberry’s Willow is the ultimate office to evening accessory – namely because it’s two in one (a work tote and an envelope clutch)! Sometimes a bag needs more flash for me to fall in love, yet here the function is what has me oohing and ahhing. Bring the tote to work, then at the end of the day, remove the front pouch with a couple of quick zips and you’re ready to play. It’s not one of those tiny, useless pouches, either – the generous size makes it a great choice even for daytime. Zipper edges give the clutch a unique look on its own, but keep in mind that you can’t carry the tote without it reattached (it would look like something’s missing). Since Kate Moss debuted the first Willow last year, it’s become available in a number of delicious hues, and I’m going with mushroom. The neutral will look great year-round, making an already versatile bag even more wearable! Going Back in Time

Psychedelic Pucci Bag
You didn’t need to take LSD in the ‘60s to have a psychedelic experience – you just needed to buy a Pucci ! Rainbow velvet bags are hard to come by these days, so for a Frugal find, try Moyna’s colorful sequined clutch.

Going Back in Time

Courrèges Mod Bag

André Courrèges helped propel the Mod trend to full-on mania with his 1964 “Space Age” collection – think bright colors, geometric shapes, and PVC mini skirts (he and Mary Quant both claim to have invented the mini!). This orange tote is an update on one of his best-selling bags from the time. For a modern take on the style, check out Furla’s rubber satchel.
Going Back in Time

Mary Quant Flower Bag

This was the flower power generation – blossoms flourished all throughout fashion. The daisy was Mary Quant’s logo, but Betsey Johnson (herself a member of Andy Warhol’s Factory scene) is also no stranger to florals. Satisfy your inner flower child with her Having a Field Daisy bag.

Going Back in Time

Paco Rabanne Chainmail Bag
Chainmail may not be the most sensible thing to design a bag out of, but the success of Paco Rabanne’s Le 69 – named for the year it was released – was undeniable. If it’s a little too hefty for you (in price and weight), Laura B has a Disco bag alternative with some added python for good measure.

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Free People La Brea V-Neck Pullover Sweater
Free People La Brea V-Neck Pullover Sweater

As the temperatures cool down it is time to layer up and getting a pullover sweater is one way to keep warm. From classic cable knits to blocked stripes and v-necks, there are so many options. Whether you are looking for angelic whites or moody maroons, there is no stopping these pieces. Pair with your favorite jeans and boots for the perfect autumn outfit.

BDG Cable High-Low Crew Neck Sweater in Maroon
BDG Cable High-Low Crew Neck Sweater in Maroon
Free People Livvy Army Green Pullover Sweater
Free People Livvy Army Green Pullover Sweater
BDG Drop Shoulder Pullover Sweater in Grey
BDG Drop Shoulder Pullover Sweater in Grey
Free People Cotton Candy Vee Pullover Sweater in Ocean
Free People Cotton Candy Vee Pullover Sweater in Ocean
BDG Waffle Knit Turtleneck Sweater in Mustard Yellow
BDG Waffle Knit Turtleneck Sweater in Mustard Yellow
Loopy Mango Her Turrteneck Sweater in Green
Loopy Mango Her Turrteneck Sweater in Green
Free People Ashby Pullover Sweater in White
Free People Ashby Pullover Sweater in White
Ecote Mixed Knit Colorblock Pullover Sweater
Ecote Mixed Knit Colorblock Pullover Sweater
Ecote Sadie Vegan Suede Panel Pullover Sweater
Ecote Sadie Vegan Suede Panel Pullover Sweater


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